Casio G-shock G-squad Smartwatch for Men with Heart Rate Monitor + GPS Function + Solar Powered - GBD-H1000-1DR (G1036)

About This Smartwatch :

  • Pulse Monitor/Heart Rate Zone Display which shows the current pulse, just as a pulse zone that shows practice force at five phases, and is valuable for pace the board during exercises and intense exercise
  • Utilizes a calculation from FIRSTBEAT innovations which is prestigious for aiding in expanding preparing adequacy through exceptionally exact information examination. The calculation is utilized to quantify VO2max (wellness level), Training status, Training load, Recovery time, Training impact, Training plan, Calories consumed during preparing.
  • VO2max Measurement which utilizes pulse and running pace to ascertain the most extreme consumable oxygen take-up per kilogram of bodyweight in one moment (ml/kg/min) ; This can be utilized as a benchmark for cardiorespiratory capacity when the client is attempting to assemble perseverance for running or different games
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel, Case Diameter: 55 millimeters
  • GPS usefulness which estimates distance and tracks development while running
  • Sun powered helped Charging; Chooses between two charging strategies: USB charging for GPS, pulse screen and other preparing capacities and sun oriented charging for every day watch use
  • G-shock MOVE App; which shows preparing history, examinations past trainings and makes redid preparing anticipate the premise of the investigation

More Description

Optical Sensor (Heart Rate Monitor)
Optical sensors on case back of watch LED light, recognize the blood stream under the skin, and measure pulse.

Vo2max Measurement
Utilizes pulse and running rate to compute the most extreme consumable oxygen take-up per kilogram of bodyweight in one moment (ml/kg/min).

Attractive Sensor, Pressure Sensor and Thermo Sensor
Inherent smaller than expected sensor takes estimations of compass bearing, height, barometric strain, and temperature.

GPS Route Mapping
GPS usefulness estimates distance and tracks development when running. Connection to a cell phone and you can get to a guide show of courses voyaged.

Outright sturdiness
Consolidates strength with capacities for exercises.

Shock Resistant
Shock-safe design ensures module. Complex rough shape forestalls direct shock to glass and fastens.

20-bar Water Resistance
Utilizes a waterproof charging terminal and conveys 20-bar water opposition even with an implicit optical sensor that actions pulse at the wrist.

Vibration Notification Function

Shows Bluetooth-associated cell phone call, email, and SNS message receipt notices for simplicity of checking even while working out.

MIP LCD (Memory in pixel LCD)/Super Illuminator

Shows different itemized estimation information in high difference for simple review. Things showed when preparing can be modified for convenience.

Sunlight based Charging

Time mode (incorporates step count estimation and notice capacities) can be controlled with sunlight based charging alone.

USB Charging

Charges considerably more rapidly. Later around 2.5 long periods of charging, preparing highlights can be utilized persistently for as long as 14 hours.

Bluetooth network

Bluetooth network assists you with dealing with your exercises, gives you definite reports about your exercise, investigation.


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