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Abhishek Kumar affirms that Isha Malviya’s mother expressed disapproval of their relationship: ‘She was correct…’

By HindiTechLancer Feb 2, 2024
Abhishek KumarAbhishek Kumar

Actor Abhishek Kumar gained widespread attention during his tenure on Bigg Boss 17, emerging as the show’s runner-up. His impactful journey continues to spark discussions. In an exclusive conversation with, he delved into his experiences on Bigg Boss 17, his camaraderie with the winner Munawar Faruqui, and the subtle conflicts with Ankita Lokhande.

Addressing the allegations made by his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya about an incident on a New Year’s night, Abhishek Kumar refuted the claims of physical aggression while confirming the reservations held by Isha’s mother regarding their relationship.

Reflecting on the situation, Abhishek Kumar expressed, “Navigating through a tarnished reputation is undeniably challenging. To err is human, but genuine growth lies in not repeating those mistakes. I’ve made errors, yet the accusations of slapping her on New Year’s are unfounded. I had a tendency toward aggression, but I believe I’ve atoned for it. Six months of being bedridden and three months on Bigg Boss allowed me time for reflection. Now, beyond that phase, I have the right to seek happiness without dwelling on it.”

He elaborated, “Isha’s mother opposed our relationship, desiring Isha to prioritize her career over me. In a relationship, distractions are inevitable, and in her perspective, she was right. She wished for Isha to concentrate on her professional journey, hence her resistance to our relationship.”

Detailing the emotional and mental challenges faced during his Bigg Boss 17 journey, Abhishek Kumar shared, “The experience was emotionally and mentally draining. I confronted breakdowns daily but rebounded just as consistently. I discovered an unexpected emotional and mental strength within myself. Typically, recovery would take time, but the significance of the Bigg Boss house compelled me to bounce back instantly. I was unwilling to exhibit even a one percent shortfall.”

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