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How did Triptii Dimri ascend to the title of the ‘national crush,’ surpassing Rashmika Mandanna? Insights revealed by Animal’s marketing head shed light on this transition

By HindiTechLancer Feb 2, 2024
national crushnational crush

In the midst of controversies surrounding its perceived endorsement of misogyny and violence, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal, featuring Ranbir Kapoor, gave rise to a new national sensation, Triptii Dimri. Her modest yet impactful performance in the film resonated with audiences, propelling her to prominence.

Triptii Dimri’s journey in the film industry commenced with a minor role in Sridevi’s Mom, followed by appearances in films such as Poster Boys, Laila Majnu, Bulbbul, and Qala. However, it was her breakthrough portrayal in Animal that catapulted her to fame, securing her the accolade of “Most Popular Indian Celebrity” on IMDB. This recognition surpassed that of star progenies Suhana Khan and Kushi Kapoor, debuting in Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies.

Nonetheless, Varun Gupta, the film’s marketing head, emphasized that Triptii Dimri’s emergence as a “national crush,” supplanting her Animal co-star Rashmika Mandanna, was an unforeseen development, not part of any preconceived plan. During a conversation with Zoom, Gupta stated, “Predicting Triptii Dimri becoming the national crush for a cameo role would be laughable. The director’s presentation of her in the film was a success.”

Discussing the film’s marketing strategy, Gupta highlighted the pivotal role of the pre-teaser, setting the film’s tone, and the subsequent trailer that strategically unveiled just 10 days before the movie’s release.

Amidst severe criticism faced by the movie, Triptii Dimri defended Animal, advising detractors, “If certain things don’t suit you, don’t watch them.” Describing her character Zoya as “perfect the way she is,” Dimri expressed, “I see her as a very honest and sincere person, and I wouldn’t want to change a single thing about her.”

Addressing concerns about the film’s potential influence, especially the controversial shoe scene, Dimri remarked, “It depends on person to person. If you’re watching an action film, and the goons are beating up the hero, that doesn’t mean you go and beat up whoever you hate in life.” She underscored the importance of individual choice, stating, “There are people who do get affected, and they’re not wrong in saying what they’re saying. It’s their point of view, and they’re allowed to have an opinion.”

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